Community Gaming Regulation 2020 (NSW)

Community gaming in New South Wales

Information on community gaming activities to promote businesses and raise money for charity

The conduct of gambling for social, charitable and non-profit purposes in NSW is regulated by the Community Gaming Regulation 2020. The Regulation provides for 11 categories of permitted gaming activities.

This application will help you to determine if your proposed gaming activity fits within the legislative framework and whether or not you need formal approval.

1) What is the type of gaming activity that you are proposing?

  1. Art union
  2. Housie or Bingo
  3. Draw lottery (including raffles and guessing competitions)
  4. No-draw lottery (including break-open lotteries, scratch lotteries and football doubles)
  5. Mini-numbers lottery
  6. Progressive lottery (including a hundred club, silver circles and tipping competitions)
  7. Free lottery (including lucky door or lucky seat promotions)
  8. Promotional raffle conduct by a registered club
  9. Sweep or calcutta
  10. Trade promotion gaming activity (including card jackpot games)
  11. Other gaming activity (including a chocolate wheel or lucky
  12. envelopes) for charitable purposes


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